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Otaniemi Recycling Center

The Otaniemi recycling center is located in the basement of Servin Maijan tie 6 D. The center's opening hours are available in calendar form.

The recycling center mainly accepts

  • furniture - OBS! at the moment NO beds, mattresses, sofa beds or linen
  • kitchenware
  • small amounts of curtains and warm clothes (please take bigger amounts of clothes to the yellow UFF container at Otakaari 20)
  • small amounts of good books and dvds
  • working bicycles (may have small malfunctions that are easy to repair)
  • items that can still be reused by someone (microwave ovens, stereos - not broken electronics)

For recycling other useful items see NearestRecyclingFacilities.

Current events!

2018-10-02: Are you staying in Finland for 1 year or less? Do you need some kitchen utensils? Did you know you can borrow a "Survival Kit" from the recycling center? There are still a couple of them left.

2018-10-02: At the moment we cannot accept any beds, mattresses, sofa beds or linen due to possible pest problems

2018-10-02: We are open about once a week, and the opening hours will be updated to the calendar as soon as they are known. So if you don't see any future opening hours in the calendar, please check again later.

2015-09-25: A couple of Recycling Center trolleys are missing again. They look somewhat similar to these and should have the text "Recycling Center, return to SMT6D" or some parts of it visible. If you see them somewhere in Otaniemi, please return them to Servin Maijan tie 6 D, or let us know by email or Facebook. 2015-03-17: Campus Services (CAS) is organising a furniture and household goods recycling day for Aalto students on Wednesday 25th March, for example home furniture, home appliances, cutlery, bed linen ... available. Aalto student card must be presented. More info 2015-01-13: No regular opening hours at the moment. We are open about once a week, and the opening hours will be updated to the calendar as soon as they are known. So if you don't see any future opening hours in the calendar, please check again later. 2013-02-23: For urgent/emergency opening of center If you need to take something from the recycling center at times not mentioned in the calender, you can call at XXXXXXXX. You can possibly get it opened immediately or get an appointment for opening in the same day.

2013-08-16: About pests: AYY has given guidelines to AYY's residents about pests (bedbugs, beetles etc.). If you have had pests in your apartment, please do not bring to the recycling center anything that could spread them around.

2012-09-04: The Recycling center trolley is still missing again. If you see it, please return it to SMT 6 D or let us know where to find it.

fri 2011-12-02: Recycling sauna @ Ossinlinna (address Otakaari 18), all interested in recycling and reuse welcome!

#: You can look for more furniture, for example beds at Nihtisilta Reuse center. Journey planner will help you get there by bus, and Google maps may help find directions with your mobile phone.

wed 2011-03-30: Police auction in Vantaa at Kielotie 21 from 12 to 15

sat 2010-10-02: Police auction in Espoo at Nihtisillankuja 4 from 9 to 12

fri 2011-01-14: Police auction in Helsinki at Helsinginkatu 1 from 9 to 12

tue 2011-10-04: AUS van in recycling center use.

wed 2011-03-02: Recycling sauna @ Jmt 3 A from 17-, all interested in recycling and reuse welcome!
tue 2011-02-14: VanAndCarRentalNearYou the recycling center trolley is missing. If you've seen it, please contact us or return it to the recycling center at smt 6 D. Pictures from Otasuunnistus This line doesn't show, handy if you need to hide repeating announcements

More volunteers?

Contact info

If you feel that the center is not open often enough and you feel that you have some spare time, contact us! More keys for the center can be arranged, as well as suitable reception times for your schedule. Our email is kierratyskeskus (at) All other questions can also be asked via email.

These pages also have a working english address. Check out our Facebook-page and the OUBS video about the recycling center (in Finnish).

The recycling center operates in AUS's premises and is currently run by the following student organisations:

..and in co-operation with AUS Otaniemi village senate and OtaHOAS tenant committee.

According to the (wikipedia) definitions of recycling and reuse, the center should actually be called The Reuse center, since we are not breaking things apart but using them again for the same purpose. This inconsistency comes probably from the fact that the Finnish term "kierrätys" is often used for both recycling and reuse.

Otaniemi recycling center WIKI

This wiki is meant to be a collection of information about the nearest facilities of recycling and reuse for residents of Otaniemi. Also pages on methods of saving energy and helping the environment in general are available.

If you have more up-to-date information on some topic, feel free to update the corresponding page(s). You can edit the pages straight from machines in the student village, from other places you'll need the editing password: funcycle.

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Otaniemi Recycling Center

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