Advertising channels

Since AYY students don't have a single comprehensive channel to follow, advertising should be done using as many as possible of the following:

Also: choose beforehand a place with the "authoritative information with discussion possibilities", and provide a link there in each advertisement. That way, discussion can benefit from the input of all participants and not be scattered among different channels. Recommendation: newsgroups.

Motivation about the different roles of communication channels

Recycling center pages

Frontpage news
Google calendar

Frontpage news is best edited by putting a %comment% or erasing it from a relevant news item, both on the finnish and english side dates should have short day names in front of them, ex. thu 2010-04-15.

Google calendar is best updated by copying an earlier item and changing the dates. The links will have to be done again every time by adding the a anchor tags in front and back of the link:
<a href="http://link...">http://link...</a>

TKY newsgroups

Newsgroups: tori.myydaan,tori.ostetaan,tori.sekalaista,puhe.kuluttajat,tky.teekkarikyla,tky.ymparisto,tky.alayhd.otakut,,tky.hoas,tori.asunnot,tky.alayhd.aiesec,,tky.alayhd.fastec,tky.alayhd.iaestelc Followup-To: puhe.kuluttajat

Should preferably be done with a newsreader like Thunderbird, easiest by taking the old post and right-clicking from the menu "edit as new"

IRC channels

#jmt1, #jmt3, #jmt5, #jmt6, #jmt7, #jmt9, #jmt10, #jmt11, #otaniemi, #teekkarikyla, #smt1, #smt2, #smt5, #smt6, #smt10, #smt12, !kylasenaatti, #ok20, #ok18, #otahoas

Can be done with an IRC client of your choice, like irssi running on the school servers (, or from the recycling center computer's Pidgin which automatically joins these channels when the machine is started. Give a link to the newsgroup or this wiki.


Otaniemi Recycling center fan page
Teekkarikylä fan page
Teekkarikylä group

If you have admin priviledges to a fan group, you can post as the group entity instead of yourself.


Microblogging services vary, Qaiku is there with Twitter and Jaiku..

AYY (AUS) forums

Weekly mails

AYY Info - send info in advance to tiedottaja(at)

Guilds, e.g. SIK and Chinese list

International students, via the international secretary hanna.sauli (at) and kv-isot09 (at)

Otaniemi Recycling Center

Kalenteri ei enää oikeastaan käytössä: * Otaniemi center reception times / Aukioloajat * Instagram above old Instagram (Nikolay), Reuse&Rescue ("kaapattu", ei Viakon hallussa): Instagram * How you can help * Survival Kit info Moving Service otettu pois näkyvistä 4.12.2014/AR * Moving service


* Waste electronics recycling guide * Requesting or Donating Items


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