The center is currently running on a volunteer basis, which includes e.g. these activities:

  1. Spending a few hours per week/month in the center during reception hours
  2. Updating these wiki pages
  3. Taking pictures of new items and uploading them to our Facebook-page
  4. Advertising the center in mailing lists, AYY web pages, news, irc etc.
  5. Driving the AYY van around, helping people in carrying stuff around
  6. Periodically removing junk from the center, keeping it clean and organized
  7. Helping people move apartments, discard of old items and get usable ones from the center

There are many ways to help!

  • Tell your friends about the recycling center!
    • Knowing where these pages are, where to find info or bring / pick up stuff is ever-helpful, especially since new people come to Otaniemi each year/month.
  • Keep this wiki up-to-date
    • Editing is free-for-all, please fell free to do so, especially
      • if you get information on something relevant, help spread the news by editing a corresponding wiki page, or
      • if you see outdated information, please remove or correct it (or contact us).
  • Inform us of found useable discarded items from around Otaniemi or bring them straight to the recycling center
    • It's much better to store items inside a heated, dry and ventilated room than letting them get dusty, dirty, mouldy and rotten outside because of changing weather.
  • If you live near Smt 6, offer to take calls for opening the center at requested times (contact us for obtaining a key)
    • Opening the door doesn't take much time, but helps a lot in increasing the centers availability
  • Come spend a few hours in the center when you have time, either for your own or some organization's behalf. (contact us for access to calendar updates)
    • The center is a pretty calm place, good for reading, club room -type activities, discussing or just getting a morale boost for helping others.
  • Offer assistance for our moving service.
    • Otaniemi is a highly active apartment switching area and helpful hands are appreciated. Also taking useable, discarded stuff to the recycling center and broken stuff to the waste crates could be done at the same time.
    • Helping people move is a great way to keep you in shape, in the form of meaningful excercise

You can contact the volunteers running the recycling center at: kierratyskeskus (at), or on Facebook.

Another good place to contact us is the channel #OYS in ircnet. Be prepared for an initial response delay (even hours) depending on the staff's other duties.

Otaniemi Recycling Center

Kalenteri ei enää oikeastaan käytössä: * Otaniemi center reception times / Aukioloajat * Instagram above old Instagram (Nikolay), Reuse&Rescue ("kaapattu", ei Viakon hallussa): Instagram * How you can help * Survival Kit info Moving Service otettu pois näkyvistä 4.12.2014/AR * Moving service


* Waste electronics recycling guide * Requesting or Donating Items


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