List of recyclable items by classes, with associated places to sort them to

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Suomeksi lajitteluohjeita löytyy kattavasti lisää Symbioosin sivuilta.
Biojätteen lajittelu kannattaa

Recyclable items listed by type
Intact Bottles, CansConvenience stores
WEEE-waste guide - SER-romun kierrätysohje
Old electronics (e.g. TVs, videos, computers)
Blue freight container behind the sea laboratory (Tietotie 1)
Non-standard bottles, broken glass (both transparent and coloured)Cyan "Keräyslasi" bins in recycling sheds
Metal, Metallic can tops, broken cansBlue "Keräysmetalli" bins in recycling sheds
Newspapers, ads, lettersGreen "Keräyspaperi" bins in recycling sheds
Cardboard drinking packages, Pizza boxes, Egg containersBlue "Nestekartonki" bins in recycling sheds
Cardboard shipping packagesGreen "Keräyspahvi" bins in recycling sheds
Old food, Egg shells, dead plantsBrown "Biojäte" bins in recycling sheds
Non-PVC plastic, pieces of woodRed "Energiajae" bins near Ossinlampi and the electric department (Otakaari 7)
Available recycling sheds (use another one if the closest one is full):
Jämeräntaival 11 ending
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper
Jämeräntaival 10 beginning
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper
Jämeräntaival 6 inner yard
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper, Glass
Jämeräntaival 3 hillside
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper
Otakaari 18 roadside
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper, Glass, Metal
Otakaari 20 inner yard
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper
TKY Secretariat
Glass, Metal
Servin Maijan tie 12 endside
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper, Glass, Metal
Servin Maijan tie 12 parking lot
Cardboard, Biowaste, Paper, Metal

Comic in finnish about some typical woes - added with permission from author, HannaV

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