Otaniemi recycling center volunteers offer moving services based on reservations!

NEWS 2013-11-28

Moving service is not really operating at the moment. We only have the AYY van available once a month and it's usually needed for transports from and into the recycling center. HINT

NEWS 2010-10-31

Services are limited until may 2011, due to intense concentration in graduating efforts from Aalto university. Van dates may be cancelled and severely limited depending on available staff. HINT

Some of us are willing to invest our strenth and knowledge in helping to transport furniture and items out from your old home(s) and into the new. If you want to pick up extra furniture from the recycling center along the way, that's fine with us. Also if you want to discard of old furniture, items or electronics, we'll help with sorting them out as well.

Contact us with requests for moving assistance in some of these ways:

Contact methods:
email:kierratyskeskus (at) list.ayy.fi

You can see our schedules and availability in the recycling center calendar. Also, about once a month we'll have the AYY van in our disposal (thanks to the village senate), which is noted in the same recycling center calendar. During those times we can offer assistance also from outside of Otaniemi (as well as big furniture transports inside Otaniemi). The AYY van will be driven only by recycling center personnel with finnish driver's licences.

Since this is a free volunteer service, we reserve some conditions to be met:

  • The transport should preferably include items either going in or out of the recycling center
  • Movings within Otaniemi are more likely to get assistance
  • Help is given when helpers' own schedule allows - studying comes first

Otaniemi Recycling Center

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