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Otaniemi Recycling Center (Servin Maijan tie 6 D):

Reception hours calendar

  • furniture
  • kitchenware
  • linen

AYY secretariat (Otakaari 11)

Open on workdays 9-16

  • used batteries
  • used fluorescent lamps (standard replacements are provided for free for AYY residents)

Otaniemi shopping mall stores - Alepa (Otakaari 11)

  • tin cans
  • plastic and glass bottles (you can get refunds for returning both cans and bottles here)

Otaniemi residents' Waste Electronics crate (Tietotie 1)

Crate closed on non-office hours, reception on mondays 9-12 + on demand if reserved a day beforehand

  • Old and broken electronics
  • TVs, videos, phones, computers

Neste gas-station in Olari (Uuskartanontie 2)

Open every day until 24

  • used car batteries
  • waste oil
  • paint

Työ & toiminta

  • House electronics

UFF (Otakaari 20 in Otaniemi)

  • Clothes (drop clothes into yellow box)

Pääkaupunkiseudun kierrätyskeskus (Kutojantie 3, Nihtisilta)

Metropolitan Area Reuse Center (Kutojantie 3, in Nihtisilta)

  • Bigger furniture if Otaniemi center is low on space
  • used car batteries
  • waste oil
  • paint

Otaniemi Recycling Center

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