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  • Opening hours for the Center
  • Pictures of items currently available in the recycling center - please feel free to remove pictures of items you know have already been taken away
  • How you can help us and the cause
  • History of establishing the center and operating it

Advertisement material:


First year of operation: fall 2007-spring 2008. In PDF and ODS.

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Otaniemi Recycling Center

Kalenteri ei enää oikeastaan käytössä: * Otaniemi center reception times / Aukioloajat * Instagram above old Instagram (Nikolay), Reuse&Rescue ("kaapattu", ei Viakon hallussa): Instagram * How you can help * Survival Kit info Moving Service otettu pois näkyvistä 4.12.2014/AR * Moving service


* Waste electronics recycling guide * Requesting or Donating Items


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