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OBS! The Survival Kit Service will be discontinued in March 2019. Stay tuned for the new Viako service (which is more like the original Survival Kit concept). If you have borrowed a Survival Kit, please return it to the recycling center when you don't need it anymore (as agreed when you received it).

Survival Kit Service

From September 2012 to February 2019, Recycling Center provided a Survival Kit service for exchange students of Aalto University. Previously the service was run by AYY and Recycling Center.

!!! WHAT? Survival Kit is a collection of kitchen utensils borrowed to Aalto University exchange students who stay in Finland for 1 year or a shorter time. See the list of Survival Kit items

!!! HOW? If you want a kit come to the recycling center when it's open. Kits cannot be reserved in advance. When you want to return the kit come to the recycling center when it's open.

Number of kits available: 1 (as of February 25th 2019)

Otaniemi Recycling Center

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