Feel free to add more rental services, specially cheap ones, or those you have good experiences about. Also comments about the services you have used might be useful.

The recycling center has one trolley for Otaniemi internal transfers, please return the trolley to Smt 6 D basement when you're finished using it. NOTE! The trolley is MISSING again, if you see it please return it to SMT 6 D or let us know where to find it.
TKY village senate also sponsors the recycling center operations by renting the AYY van for our use about once a month. Check the reception times for the available transport dates. A driver is provided on behalf of the recycling center.

Here are some ways of renting a van or car when you need to move bigger items.

In the following pages is information in English, but try also the Finnish pages below.

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Otaniemi Recycling Center

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