Reasons to recycle

The amount of waste increases steadily, and our usage of raw materials at the same time, if used items are not recycled but thrown into unsorted trash.

Mechanical limitations on biowaste extraction

There are ways to extract some materials from general waste, but these don't work for all categories of waste. The most important type is biowaste, which is hard to extract once it's thrown together with other trash. So if you can recycle only one thing, start with biowaste.

Energy and natural resources in more efficient use

Reusing items that are unnecessary for the original owner is one of the best ways to reduce global consumption of energy and raw materials, and save money at the same time.

Goodwill from peers

There is a sense of satisfaction when you see an item that you donated find a new user. It's easy to appreciate the ones that donate items that ease your living and spending.

Quality items get a worthy lifespan

The durability of furniture is partly dependent on what they're made of. Solid wood typically lasts longer than particle board (lastulevy). You can make some nice discoveries from reuse centers, since nowadays buying solid wood constructed furniture is expensive.

Otaniemi Recycling Center

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